Outdoor Phones cases

Phones cases

There are many mobile phone cases out there, but none with a real and functional outdoor carrying system.
From my observations, I developed an outdoor phone case inspired by my camera models.

Mobilephone Case

Like the camera case, it's made with a recycled plastic shell, a neoprene layer inside and Cordura finish.

Closes with a magnet.

The insulating properties of neoprene protect the battery from cold.

The strap set and Velcro fasteners provides various ways to carry your mobile. Quick access to your phone when necessary, without it being in the way.

The price for a medium size case is between 95€ (with strap set and Velcro fasteners) and 80€ (Velcro fasteners only).

Mobilephone Case Leash

By drilling 2 littles holes in your shell, you may easily make a leash with a very thin rope with a lark's head knot.

You'll be able to link your mobile to your case and securise it.

Mobilephone Case Cold Test

With the neoprene layer and his insulating properties, battery will be preserved.

This will prevent your phone from loosing power on a freezing day when you need it the most..

To order, please fill the contact form with your phone references and shell dimensions.

Differents ways of carrying it

When hiking with or without a backpack, climbing or alpinism with a harness, the different ways of carrying give you quick access to your phone:
to take a picture, consult the GPS, a digital map, a climbing topo or just call your mom..


Mobilephone Case Holster

Good hold.
Don't use this system if you are skiing with your avalanche receiver.

Mobilephone Case Holster Assembly

Mounting with a lark's head knot

On belt

Mobilephone Case Belt

On harness in climbing

Mobilephone Case Belt Assembly

Mounting with strap

Mobilephone Case Belt Assembly

Mounting with fasteners

Backpack shoulder strap

Mobilephone Case Backpack Soulder Strap

Mobilephone Case Backpack Assembly

Mounting with strap

Mobilephone Case Backpack Assembly

Mounting with fasteners

Shoulder strap

Mobilephone Case Soulder Strap

On the camera case

Mobilephone Case On Camera Case