Personalized Cameras Cases

Custom creations

The following cases have been created to meet customers demands and adapt their case to their way of working, uses and gear.
Your ideas could be for a custom shape, carrying system, finishing fabric, colors..etc.

3D study on demand to visualize the final product.

Fill the contact form and we'll find the best solution for your case.

Additionnal pocket on Nikon Z7 case

More storage.
Case #20


Insert moulded in the fiber glass shell. Clipable case on PeakDesign system.

Use a PeakDesign system with a protected camera.

Tele-lens case

3D study made following the customer specifications.

Camera weight is supported by the tele-lens support with a strap set directly linked to the carrying straps.

Yellow areas are plastic parts. Blue is soft parts in Cordura+Neoprene and red is the rigid part in fiber glass. The carrying straps are green.

Carrying on backpack.

Protected at the ends by plastic and fiber glass shell.
Finish in Cordura.

Case made for a wildlife photographer.

Carrying on backpack

Carrying system with two simple rings, spreading the weight on backpack's straps and provides a quick access to the camera..
Adapted large camera and small tele-lens.

Case #30

Study for a tripod adaptation

Solution's study for a protected camera even on a tripod.
Able to move with a tripod (strapped to a backpack for example) with the camera protected.
During the wait for a nice photo opportunity in wet or windy weather.
For wildlife or landscape photographers or to be used on the beach (surfing or kitesurfing photography).